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Beef Shares

Deposits are now being taken for Spring 2023 beef shares!

We are very excited to now be offering beef shares!

What exactly does that mean?

It means you can now order in bulk.  1/4 and 1/2 cows will be available.  When you order a beef share you pay a per pound price to us no matter what cuts you choose based on the hang weight.  And choosing your cuts is the fun part!  You will speak with the butcher directly about what cuts of meat you want.  You will also pay the butcher the processing fee.

When your beef is ready, you will head over to the butcher, pick up your meat, and fill your freezer!

Terms to Know:

Live Weight: This is the final finished weight of the cow.

Hanging Weight:  This is the weight of the carcass after the internal organs, hide, head and feet have been removed.

  • Hanging weight = live weight x 60%

Packaged/Dressed Weight:  This is the weight of the meat that you put into your freezer.

  • Packaged weight = live weight x 40%

  • Packaged weight = hanging weight x 66%

Example: (weights based on a whole cow):

Live weight = 1,250 lbs

Hanging weight = 750 lbs

Packaged weight = 500 lbs

Generally speaking, you need about one cubic foot of space for every 30lbs of packaged weight.


$4.25/lb hanging weight for half a cow

$4.50/lb hanging weight for a quarter cow

Price does not include processing. You will work with the butcher to determine what cuts you'd like and pay them directly.

We will need a deposit of $100 to hold your quarter share and $200 for a half.

This is a great opportunity for those that have the freezer space to save some money and know exactly where your beef is coming from. 


Please email us with any questions about the beef share program at  

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